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Precinct Committee Members 

play a vital role within the Democratic Party. 

They are the MOST IMPORTANT and MOST DIRECT link between voters and the Democratic Party. 


Contact us to learn more about becoming a Precinct Committee Member! 

Check the list below to see if your precinct has 2 PCPs. If not, get in touch with us to see how you can become one!!

Beccaria Township 1st

Bell Township

Bigler Township

Bradford Township 1st

Chest Township

Clearfield 1st Ward

Clearfield 1st Ward

Clearfield 2nd Ward

Clearfield 2nd Ward

Clearfield 3rd Ward

Curwensville Borough

Decatur Twp 2nd Ward

DuBois City 2nd Ward

DuBois City 2nd Ward

DuBois City 3rd Ward

Ferguson Township

Houtzdale Borough

Houtzdale Borough

Lawrence Twp  - Golden Rod

Lawrence Twp - Hyde

Lawrence Twp - Plymptonville

Mahaffey Borough

Pike Township

Pike Township

Frank Bakaysa

Elmer D Yeager

John L Warsing

David Keith Petrosky

William F Morrison

Christina Joy Fulton

Mark Falvo

Anthony D DeCasper

Lauren Ashlee Hopkins

Kelley Jo Fulton

Robert Tubbs

Jody M Gunter

Abbey J Carr

Matthew Russell Swisher

Graham Henry Guthrie

Eric Elmer Deetscreek

Zachary Keith Bloom

Beverly Ann Bloom

Joseph Marino

Steve Koval

Asa Carns

Thomas F McCracken

Autumn Dawn Prisk

Louis “Butsy” Michael Donahue

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